This Page is for those contractors who who have been directed to this page by a member of Sound Methods LLC.
File Downloads Are at the bottom of the Page
All these items must be completed within 10 days of your 1st job for you to get paid (All other invoices are due Monday after the job no later than 12 noon):
  1. Online Form Below
  2. Copy Of Driver's License (or other State ID)
  3. Copy Of Social Security Card
  4. Contractor AgreementĀ 
  5. NDA
  6. W-9
  7. Email all completed forms to
  8. Properly Filled out Invoice for Each Job
  9. After all is completed you will receive a small deposit in your account, when this happens you must E-mail your full name and these words exactly "Account Deposit Confirmed"
  10. You will Receive your Direct Deposit 30 Days After the all Paperwork and Invoices are Completed

Sound Methods Contractor Info Form

Contractor Package